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She pleads with the Goddess, who gives her the ability to turn into a lion in order to take revenge. As you know, lions are very dangerous opponents, and they always fight to the death. So, this snake is now doomed to die. How could the goddess allow hatred for a person to turn into such a nightmare that she is so afraid of?
"Why do you think so badly of the snake?" Lin was surprised. Can't you see how beautiful her eyes are?
The girl nodded in agreement.
But the snake does not want to kill people. She lures them into her trap. And after death turns people into vile slaves. In those scary houses you've seen.
Lin frowned. He remembered the painted walls, the posters of bared jaws that hung all over the city.
Yes, he thought, sad as it is to admit, many of the inhabitants of the city are cruel and dangerous creatures. But the gods are not a gift either. They create the world as it should be. And although they love their children, they are not always indulgent to them. It all depends on who you really are. Just like people."
What do you know about goodness? - he asked.
Miki shook her head. She did not yet understand what goodness meant.
The girl closed her eyes and concentrated.
Since Lin found the girl, she could neither sleep nor eat. She was tormented by nightmares. Every night, Miki appeared to her in her dreams and begged for her to return to her body. In this dream, she could do anything. Miki could fly or jump. She could talk to her or not talk. The main thing is that it was possible to live in this dream.
And sometimes she became a person whom Lin had already met once, even before the disaster. She loved him and wanted to be with him. But the girl promised that she would not do this until he corrected the mistakes that were made during his lifetime.
In this new dream, she was again a small child. And she asked the "father" to return her to the body. But this time she herself wanted to see the world that she dreamed of. And that meant the dreams were getting shorter and shorter. Mika didn't know what happened to her own body, and she didn't know about the nightmare she was creating. And more and more often the girl appeared in Miki's dream. A girl with huge eyes, silky hair, a slender figure f02ee7bd2b